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a Convection Fan Noise Coming From My Breville Smart Oven





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If you own a Breville smart oven, you may have noticed that the convection fan is quite noisy. This is a nuisance, especially if you’re trying to use the oven in a quiet environment. There are a few different reasons why the fan might be noisy, but luckily there are also a few different ways to fix the problem.

This blog post will discuss the causes of Breville smart oven convection fan noise and how to fix them.

Noise from Breville’s Smart Oven’s convection fan

The Breville smart oven is a popular appliance used to cook food. It has a convection fan that helps circulate air around the food, which can help it cook more evenly.

However, some people have reported that the convection fan on the Breville smart oven makes a lot of noise. This is unpleasant if you are trying to cook in silence.

What are the Causes of the Breville oven fan noise?

Breville ovens are known for their high quality and performance. However, some of their fans are quite loud. There are many possible causes of this noise, but the most common ones are: 

  • The fan is not properly installed or is not functioning correctly. 
  • The fan blades are not properly aligned or lubricated. 
  • The motor is not running at its full potential. 
  • There is a problem with the wiring or plugging in the oven.
  • Obstruction in the exhaust path.
  • Dust build-up.
  • Debris on the fan blades.

How to fix the Breville smart oven fan noise?

Regardless of how often you clean your Breville smart oven, there may still be some noise coming from the fan. This can usually be fixed with a few simple steps.

  • Check to see if the fan is working. If it isn’t, replace it with a new one.
  • Clean the fan blades and housing using a damp cloth. Make sure to get all the dust and cobwebs off of them.
  • Use a lubricant on the screws that hold the fan in place. This will help reduce noise and ensure that the fan operates properly.
  • If necessary, replace parts of the housing causing noise, like the bearings or gears inside.

 FAQ On Breville smart oven convection fan noise.

How long Does the Breville smart oven convection fan last?

The Breville smart oven convection fan lasts up to 10,000 hours. This means the fan will be effective for over two years, even if used daily.

Additionally, because the oven uses a cooling system instead of a heating system, the fan does not run continuously and is turned off when desired.

Does a Breville smart oven convection fan run continuously?

A Breville smart oven convection fan runs continuously, but it can also be turned off if you don’t need it. The fan creates a breeze, helping circulate air and make your food more evenly cooked. 

Why is my Breville smart oven convection fan making a weird noise?

The convection fan can make a weird noise when cooking in a Breville smart oven. This noise is caused by the blades spinning quickly, which is quite loud. If you notice that your oven is making this noise more often than not, it may be time to take it into service.


In conclusion, if your Breville oven is making a loud noise, there are likely several causes and ways to fix it. Troubleshooting is difficult, but with a little detective work and patience, you should be able to get your oven working smoothly again.

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