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Why does my PUR water filter now blink red after changing filters?





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If you have a pUR water filter, you know that it is a great way to ensure that your water is clean and safe to drink. But one common problem with pUR water filters is that they can start blinking red after a filter change. If you’re wondering why is your PUR water filter blinking red after a filter change, there are a few possible explanations. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons for a blinking red light on a PUR water filter and how to fix the problem.

How does the PUR water filter work?

Tap water may contain impurities that are harmful to your body

A PUR water filter removes impurities such as lead chloride and mercury iron pesticides, among others, from water that are harmful to your body. 

It gets rid of impurities such as carbon particles by lowering the contamination rate in water.

PUR water filters rank the best since they eliminate water pollutants and give us clean water.

Beyond that, it has light indicators like green, yellow, and red to signal you if your PUR water filter is working as required or not. The filter alarms you if it can no longer drain substances out of the water. 

The PUR water filter can filter up to 100 gallons of water. This means it can take 2- 3 months to filter water. 

Luckily, the PUR water filter has light indicators which are easy to use that ensure water is filtered perfectly and tastily. 

How to know if the PUR filter is working or not?

It’s necessary to change PUR water filter cartridges. If your filter works improperly, it’s likely to deliver contaminated water. to remain with clean and healthy water, replace your older filter with a new one 

Before you replace your filter, ensure it’s working effectively and know when to change your filter. 

Some of the common indicators are 

  • If there is a red blink in the panel bar, then it’s a signal that you need to replace your PUR filter.
  • If the PH varies from 6.5 to 7.5, it’s time to change the filter. 
  • Check the TDS and conductivity of treated water. If it’s not in range, then change the existing filter. 
  • Filters may not function appropriately due to bad smell and sediment accumulation hence slow filtering.
  • If your water dispenser is frequently clogging or has a weak water flow, then this is a filtration issue.

Types of indicator lights in PUR filtration system 

The three standard water filter indicator lights are Green, Yellow, and Red. 

Green means your filter is working effectively and that the water s purified and safe. 

Greenlight indicates that your PUR filter is still active and that there’s no need to replace it.

This is a sign that it can still filter water, leaving you with great-tasting water.

So, the yellow light signals that you need to change your PUR filter soon. In other words, it’s a sign that your filter has already filtered a maximum of 100 gallons of water.

According to the PUR company, replace your filter before the indicator turns red to prevent you from any harmful matter that may arise.

What is the common issue a PUR filter has?

Some of the most common issues that might arise while using a PUR water filter are:

  • Water light filter blinking red after filter change 
  • The filter light is not turning solid green 
  • Water filter clogs, thus being slow 
  • Water filter leaking 
  • Filtering water inappropriately 

Is your PUR water filter light still blinking red?

If your PUR filter blinks red, your filter is working inappropriately, and you should replace it immediately. 

So if you come across a red blink on your PUR filter, it means your filter has stopped working, and you should consider changing it. 

Suppose you just installed your filter recently blinked red. It might be due to improper installation or a damaged filter, or it can be a false alarm.

Notably, suppose your PUR filter turns red. In that case, it can signal that it has filtered up to 100 gallons of water and can no longer work effectively.

The red light acts as a warning sign. Red light is a sign that a filter can no longer eliminate the harmful substances from your water. 

Regularly clean the unit’s exterior with a moderate dishwashing solution and a sponge for hygiene purposes.

Suppose you changed your filter recently, and it still blinks red instead of green. In that case, you need to reset your filter for efficient operation.

What to do if the filter blinks red after the change?

Because of dirt particles trapped in the filter, your PUR water filter continues to flash red after changing it.

In this scenario, you need to reset the filters indicator 

To reset the indicator, follow the following steps

Reset the pitcher filter 

  • Mark the indicator on top of the pitcher 
  • Press and hold the indicator for approximately 10 seconds 
  • Release the button. If the light turns green, it means the filter is working again. 
  • Red light is a sign of malfunction in the PUR filtration unit. It’s a signal that you need to change your filter.

Reset the faucet filtration system filter 

Reset your Faucet filtration system using the steps below:

  • Disconnect the faucet filtration system from the faucet 
  • Twist the cover to remove the filter 
  • Press the reset button container 4 to 5 times until it pops up 
  • Return the filter in, then attach the lid 
  • The green light will glow a few times, and this is a sign that the filter is working again 

If particles are clogging your filter take action by

  • Take to pieces the faucet filtration system 
  • Rinse your filter container or pitcher container 
  • After it dries, reassemble it 
  • up to this point, you should see a solid green light

fail to see any change after the steps above, consider changing your electric circuit 

Another explanation is that the filter does not reset. Though it’s a simple adjustment, let’s double-check the facts because there are two types of faucet mount: vertical and horizontal.

frequently asked questions

How do I reset the red light on my PUR water filter?

First, turn off the faucet.

Unscrew the PUR filter from your PUR unit, then put your new filter back in 

If the filter fits loosely, screw the cover back on 

Hold the reset button for approximately 3 seconds to rest the red light, then release.

Why is my filter light still red?

One of the most important things is that the filter light stays on until it is changed for water filters. This way, you are always aware of when the filter needs to be replaced. However, if the filter light still flashes red even after a new filter has been installed, the system may have a problem. In this case, it may be necessary to separate your water filter and clean all parts. Another explanation is that the filter does not reset. Though it’s a simple adjustment, let’s double-check the specifications because faucet filters come in two different mounting styles:

Why is my new PUR filter not working?

The PUR water filter may be blinking red after a filter change because of a clogged or dirty filter. To clean the filter:

  1. Pour 3 cups of boiling water over the filter and let it cool.
  2. Put the lid back on and shake to dislodge any sediment.
  3. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar over the top of the cooled water and shake to mix.
  4. Pour this solution over the dirty filter and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Please turn off all taps running into the sink drain and wait 10 minutes for the filtered water to run clear before using it.

How do I know if my PUR filter is bad? 

If your PUR water filter blinks red after a filter change, it may be time to replace it. When the filter is replaced, the blinking should stop. If it does not stop after a new filter is installed, there may be an issue with the filtering system, and it will need to be serviced.

What happens when you run hot water through a PUR filter?

The filter can overheat when you run hot water through a PUR filter. This can cause the filter to blink red and make a clicking noise. The blinking red light means the filter is overheating and needs to be replaced. The clicking noise is from the filter moving around inside the water tank.

Can you drink water after changing the filter?

Few reasons why your water filter might be blinking red after a filter change. One possibility is that the new filter may not have been installed correctly. Ensure that the new filter is seated properly in the faucet and secure all connectors. If you still experience problems with your drinking water quality, consult a professional to verify that the problem is with your filter and not something else in your home. Additionally, some chemicals used to clean filters can cause them to blink red after being replaced. If this is the case, it’s best to wait until the cleaning process has been completed before using your water again.

Why is my Brita filter flashing red after a filter change?

The Brita water filter may be blinking red after a filter change because the cartridge needs to be replaced. The filter cartridges are designed to last around six months. Still, they sometimes need to be replaced sooner if the water is heavily contaminated.


In conclusion, if you’re noticing your water filter blinking red after a filter change, it might be time to check the cartridge and replace it if necessary. Remember to always flush your system before using it again. Finally, if your water still doesn’t taste right, consider getting a water filter system that’s certified to remove specific contaminants.

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