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Do Ninja blenders work as food processors? A Useful guide





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A blender is a kitchen appliance used to blend or puree food. A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to chop, shred, or slice food. So, can a ninja blender be used as a food processor? The answer is yes, but there are a few things to consider.

 This blog post will discuss using a ninja blender as a food processor and the benefits and drawbacks of using a ninja blender for a food processor.

What is a food processor?

Food Processor
A food processor is a kitchen appliance with a wide base bowl with no fixed blades.

Food processors are well known for their slicing and chopping abilities. What’s more, they work best with vegetables and fruits. They can also grind dried fruit seeds, nuts, and meat.
Food processors have feeder chutes that hold ingredients as it chops.

Food processing includes creating nut butter from peanuts, almond cookie dough, or cashews. Food processing includes making pesto sauce. It’s all food processing

What’s the difference between a food processor and a blender

Blenders are best used to process liquid foods like frozen drinks or make smoothies. Subsequently, food processors are best for chopping hard foodstuff like nuts. Additionally, blenders have powerful motors with dull blades that create a rough texture.

Adding foodstuff inside a blender forms a vortex that mixes your ingredients at the center of your blender, smooth blending.

On the other hand, ninja food processors have powerful chopping blades, motors, and wide containers that slice through hard foodstuff. As a result, they can make salsa pesto tapenades and nut butter.

Should I use my ninja blender for food processing?

Are you still wondering if you can use your ninja blender as a food processor?


Ninja blender can process food. However, It depends on the type of food you’re dealing with.

Ninja blenders use sharp blades and ninja food processing bowls to grind food.

A well-designed food processor should have specialized blades that easily mix bread dough and batter.

A standard ninja blender can chop vegetables like celery and onion. Moreover, it can also pulverize tomatoes used as a sauce.

Most blenders can’t blend effectively without liquid. Liquids form a vortex that mixes with the ingredients to enhance a smooth blending process.

When you use a well-designed blender, you’ll need no liquid. This is because a well-designed blender has blades that process food; hence can easily mix pounds of dough and batter. Thence, it’s also known as the dough blade.

A Ninja blender can process baby food such as crushed ice and bread ice.

Ninja blenders have one of the sharpest blades, and so they process a larger amount of food than most food processors. Ninja blender works almost the same as a food processor but only when preparing small chunks of food. Beyond that, It can also knead food.

If your ninja blender cannot work as a food processor, look for a separate food processor attachment bowl like Ninja Blender 64oz Food Processor Bowl Attachment.

Which ninja blender can operate as food processor?

The top ninja blenders to use as food processors are

  •  BLL770 Mega Kitchen System
  •  Ninja MasterPrep QB 1004
  •  Ninja Duo Auto IQ
  •  Ninja Master Prep QB1004

Blenders work with unique Ninja Food Processing bowls. These food processing bowls turn an ordinary ninja blender into a food processor. The bowls hold and mix food.

A ninja food processing bowl completes basic tasks like chopping vegetables and grinding dry oats. Still, some Ninja blenders can serve as food processor bowls.

Most blenders can be used for light food processing. For instance, an ordinary Ninja blender can be used to grind dry grains and coffee beans, and make nuts and sauces, Meaning if you want to process foodstuffs like batters, flours, and doughs, you have to use a more versatile blender.

Ninja Kitchen System

With the Ninja kitchen system, you can quickly put everything in one unit.

The Kitchen System is a blender and food processor combo with 11 automatic programs, a touchscreen display, tremendous crushing power, two separate jars for blending and processing meals, and a 72-ounce maximum capacity. Ninja blenders are extremely versatile kitchen appliances.

Attached to Ninja Kitchen System are:

  •  64 oz processor bowl
  •  Two 24 oz blending
  •  Four blade assemblies
  •  1400 watt power base
  •  72 oz blender pitcher

This full kitchen system is an extremely affordable price. It comes with accessories that will make your experience in the kitchen better than it has ever been.

Using Ninja blenders as a food processor

Are you ready to use your Ninja blender as a food processor?

To begin with, add one or two blades to your blender.

Next, add your ingredient inside your ninja blender. After that, attach the extra blades on top of it, then turn your ninja processor on.

Ninja blenders are not as powerful as food processors. Thus, it’s advisable to blend your ingredients in small quantities. There are different kinds of blade options on the market.

Ninja blenders usually process food by chopping and purring. Some common foodstuffs to process using ninja blenders are salsa potatoes, appetizers like hummus, and desserts.

Generally, once you’ve attached additional blades, you can start using your blender as a food processor.

Be careful while using your ninja blenders as food processors. Check on it after every minute. This is to ensure that the ingredients chop as required.

Ninja blenders have several speed options that can be adjusted to a speed level where food is chopped finely.

Final verdict

Up to this point, you’ve confirmed that Ninja blenders can also work as food processors.

It all relies on the blender you’re using, keep that in mind.

As mentioned above Ninja kitchen system is the most recommendable appliance to process food. Because of its high-efficiency level.

You’ll be surprised how Ninja Kitchen performs. Surprisingly it’ll even replace your food processor and blender.

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