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The Truth About PUR Filters: How Long to Run Them After a Change





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PUR is a type of water filter designed to remove impurities from your water. PUR filters are a popular choice for many people because they are effective and easy to use. But when you change a PUR filter, you need to let the water run for a few minutes before using it. The new filter needs to be flushed out, and the water needs to be re-filtered. This blog post will take you through the types of PUR filters and how long to run water after changing the PUR filter. Besides that, I’ll also be informing you how much water you need to run through the PUR filter water to register a high level of performance.

Like a refrigerator dispenser and ditcher, new filter cartridge water removes colored water through their spout.

PUR filters become less effective over time once they contact contaminants.

This is why the first set of ice cubes comes out gray and black for those who use the refrigerator to make ice. When I replaced the PUR water filter, the first batch of ice cubes came out grayish and blackish.

According to PUR Filter experts, running water after changing the PUR filter helps remove carbon and contaminants.

However, all the PUR filters have different modes of flushing. They also have a different duration on how long to run water.

With all that said, here

Types of PUR filters and how much you need to run water through them 

The type of PUR water basic filter you use determines how long you’ll run water.

The four types of PUR Water filters are 

  • Faucet PUR water filter
  • Dispenser PUR water filter
  • Refrigerator PUR water filter
  • Pitcher water filter

FAUCET pure filter

It takes approximately five to thirty-five minutes to flush out a new Faucet water filter.

For a quick flush out, consider dipping your new faucet filter inside water for an average of 15 minutes. As you flush out, you saturate the filter, effective before installation. Saturated amounts of water flush out more speedily than dry or streams of water.

After completing your installation, flush out your PUR water filter. Next, run water through your PUR filter till clear water remains.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to get your filter ready for use.

Dispenser PUR water filter 

Do you own a dispenser PUR water filter?

Pre-soak your new dispenser water filter for about 15 minutes after installation 

After that, run water through the unit for five to ten minutes until clear water remains.

Refrigerator pure water filter 

Refrigerator PUR filters work differently compared to the other PUR filters.

Its system comprises the plumbing system that transports water from the ice maker to the dispenser system.

Unfortunately, it’s still unknown how long it takes to flush the carbon residues from the refrigerator’s pure water filter.

Though you must ensure that the ice cubes are free from coloring, this is because coloring promotes the growth of residues and contaminants in your ice cubes. This is the most common method to get the first two batches of your ice cubes.

The water dispenser uses up to three gallons of water.

If you have a pre-soaked filter, it’s advisable to soak it. This will take about six gallons of water to flush out the carbon residue completely.

Pitcher water filter 

The pitcher water filter is the smallest unit of all PUR water filters.

It has a filter, a lid, and a holding tray.

When you run water through a Pitcher water filter, it runs through the filter system, delivering clean drinking water.

To get rid of all the carbon residue and contaminants from your new filter, run a gallon of water into the filter. Do this for more than five minutes until the water is clean and free from coloration.

Frequently asked questions

Can I run hot water through the filter? 

No, it’s not advisable to run hot water through a filter. Never run hot water through a filter, as hot water will make your PUR filter slow.

In short, don’t use water that ranks 100 degrees F instead, use cold water.

Can you drink water right after changing the filter?

Water can be consumed after a PUR filter has been changed. However, it is important to wait at least six hours before consuming water that has been filtered using a PUR filter. After waiting six hours, the water can be consumed with no problems.

Can you use water after soaking a PUR filter in it?

If you have a PUR water filter, it is important to clean it after each use properly. One way to do this is to soak the filter in water for a few hours. After soaking, the filter should be rinsed several times with fresh water and then dried off.


Running water through the filter system helps get rid of contaminants and sediments.

The time you take to run water through your filter system depends on the type of PUR water filter you own.

Check on the standard PUR system mentioned above to get the perfect details that match your PUR filter if you feel stuck.

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