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how to clean a refrigerator

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A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It keeps your food fresh and your drinks cold. But like any appliance, it needs to be cleaned regularly. A dirty refrigerator can lead to food spoilage and bacteria growth. So, how to clean a refrigerator? And how should you clean a refrigerator? This blog post will answer those questions and more. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about cleaning your refrigerator.

When to Clean the Refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator may seem daunting, but it is important to do it regularly. Here are some tips on when to clean the refrigerator:

  • Wipe down the fridge’s inside with a mild soap and water solution every week. This will help to remove any build-up of dirt and grime.
  • Every month, deep clean the fridge by taking everything out and wiping down all surfaces. This includes the shelves, drawers, and door gaskets.
  • If there is any spillage or food build-up in the fridge, clean it up immediately. This will help prevent bacteria from growing and causing illness.

How to Clean a Refrigerator

The average refrigerator can hold about 3-4 days’ worth of food. If it isn’t clean, food can start to spoil and smell bad. There are a few ways to clean a refrigerator: with a vacuum cleaner, with a duster, with a hose, or with chemicals. 

Gather your supplies

Cleaning a refrigerator is not as difficult as you might think. Here are the supplies you will need: 

  • A bucket or large sink
  • A cleaner such as soap and water or a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment 
  • A scrub brush
  • A dust cloth or paper towel 

Turn Off the Refrigerator

Like most people, when you clean your refrigerator, you just turn off the power to the unit and wait for it to cool down. Although this may be sufficient for most refrigerators, some models require more vigorous cleaning than others.

how to clean a refrigerator

Empty the Refrigerator

If you notice that your refrigerator is not keeping food as cold as it should, it may be time to empty it:

  1. Open the door and locate the trash can to empty the refrigerator.
  2. Locate the icemaker and remove the ice packs.
  3. Locate the shelving where food is stored and remove all of the food.
how to clean a refrigerator

Clean the Removable Refrigerator Parts

After taking all the food out, remove the removable parts from your refrigerator. Then give them a nice clean with soap and water.

Clean the Inside of Your Refrigerator 

Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator can help keep food fresh and free from bacteria. To clean the interior of your refrigerator:

  • Start by removing any food or items stored in the bottom or sides of the fridge.
  • Remove all visible dirt, dust, and debris with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spray a water and dish soap solution onto a cloth and wipe down all surfaces inside the fridge.
  • Dry off all surfaces with a cloth before storing your appliance.
how to clean a refrigerator

Clean Your Refrigerator Door

Cleaning a refrigerator door is easy to keep your appliance in top condition. All you need is warm water, a cloth, and soap. To clean the door itself:

  • Wet the cloth and wring it out.
  • Soap the cloth and scrub the surface of the door.
  • Dry the door with the cloth before storing it in its original place.

Clean the Outside of Your Refrigerator Often

To clean the outside of your refrigerator, wipe down the door gasket (the rubber seal that goes around the door) with a damp cloth to remove any food residue. This will help keep the seal in good condition and prevent mold growth. Use a mild detergent and warm water to wash the exterior of your fridge.

Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hand Afte Cleaning Your Refrigerator

After doing all the cleaning for your refrigerator now, you need to take care of your hand. Clean your hand with handwash to avoid any germ transfer when cleaning the appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean refrigerator compressor?

To clean a refrigerator compressor, one must unplug the appliance and remove the screws that hold the back panel. Once the panel is removed, one can access the compressor and use a brush or vacuum attachment to remove any accumulated dust or debris. It is important to be careful when cleaning around the compressor as it contains electrical components that can be damaged if handled improperly.

How to move the refrigerator to clean behind?

First, disconnect the power cord from the outlet to move the refrigerator and clean behind it. Next, use a dolly to lift the refrigerator and move it away from the wall. Once you have enough space to access the area behind the refrigerator, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean up any dirt and dust. Finally, reconnect the power cord to the outlet and push the refrigerator back against the wall.

How to Clean the Refrigerator Gasket?

To clean the refrigerator gasket, you will need to gather some supplies. You will need a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Begin by wetting the cloth with warm water and adding a small amount of soap. Gently rub the gasket with the cloth in a circular motion. Once you have gone over the entire gasket, rinse it off with warm water. Dry the gasket with a clean towel, and voila!

How to Clean Mold from a Refrigerator?

First, remove all food and other items to clean mold from the refrigerator. Next, clean the interior surfaces of the fridge with a solution of warm water and dish soap. Be sure to rinse the surfaces thoroughly. Next, dry the surfaces with a clean towel. Finally, use a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water to disinfect the surfaces. Let the surfaces air dry before replacing any food or other items in the fridge.

What happens if you don’t clean your fridge?

If you don’t clean your fridge, the food inside will spoil and become inedible. The bacteria that cause food to spoil will multiply in the fridge’s warm, moist environment, eventually contaminating all of the food inside. This can cause serious illness if ingested.


Cleaning your refrigerator is important to do every few months. The process is simple and only takes a few hours. By taking the time to clean your fridge, you will extend its life and keep your food fresh.

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